Seller's Toolbox


Selling your home involves far more than simply putting up a sales sign. It requires knowledge of the market and a dedicated realtor working on your behalf. Elliott Real Estate is committed to providing personal service to help you get the most equity out of your property. We will research your market, advise you on preparing your home for showings and find serious buyers.

We have assembled a variety of resources within the Seller's Toolbox to assist you in the process. These tools are meant to answer the most common questions that a home seller will have. It also has links to resources to help you gain an understanding of the Twin Cities real estate market and assist you as you prepare to sell and move.

The Seller FAQ's section has the answers to the most commonly asked questions by home sellers.
The Real Estate Links section provides other web resources regarding the Twin Cities real estate market, and other tools to guide you through the selling process.
The Links For Sellers section has a list of online tools to assist with any relocation needs you may have.
These tools are meant to provide you with a self paced method to research, learn and get comfortable with the process. However, our ultimate goal is to provide customized service to make your selling experience as easy as possible. If you have any questions about selling your new home, please e-mail us directly at: